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Netiquette is a pro-bono, private, non-competitive space for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration of those committed to embedding sustainability in to their procurement practices – and sharing knowledge and tools of how to do so.  The community is run by the SPP Ambassadors for the SPP Ambassadors and addresses issues highlighted by members.

To remain part of the Platform you must agree to and abide by the rules of this Netiquette. 

If you, at any time, do something to contravene our rules, we reserve the right to remove you and / or your content from our Platform  

Stay focused.

The internet is full of great content. To keep the content on our platform focussed, we will always keep the right to decide, if your content / contribution will be published on our platform.

Be accepting, constructive and respectful of the opinions expressed by others

Constructive disagreements are not only allowed, but encouraged if they are handled in a professional manner.

Do not make personal attacks on other community members

This includes arguments, harassment, biased remarks, and defamatory or false comments.If you have a complaint about another ambassador, raise the matter privately and civilly; if this does not work, please contact a member of the support team at

Cross-posting is not permitted

You should select the most appropriate group for your message. Duplicate posts will be deleted.

Show your sources / Do not plagiarize

If you are sharing content that is not yours, provide an attribute to the source. Links, quotes and references are acceptable – copying and pasting entire articles or stories is not allowed.

Post content in English

English is the primary written and spoken language of the other members of your community.

A note for Service Providers and Consultants

We welcome your participation

You have a lot of valuable insights and experience, which will help to reach our ambitious vision.However there may be some events occasionally that it will not be appropriate for you to attend.

Do not use for self-promotion or as a sales platform

You shall not approach other members or write a post explicitly to recommend any solution or product that your business offers. You will get more positive attention if you show your expertise in a real way.

SPP administrators will deal with policy violations on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the community remains a valuable destination for all members. Final decisions made by the SPP community administrators are at their discretion; a statement may not be published.