World Sustainable Procurement Day

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On March 21, the procurement world unites at SPP’s milestone annual event; World Sustainable Procurement Day (WSPD). The day celebrates and shares the progress and learnings from the past 12 months and aims to empower and equip more and more procurement professionals from all over the world in their journey toward integrating sustainable sourcing practices into decision-making.

In a series of 24 sessions spanning over 24 hours, participants can engage with presenters and experts on various topics related to people, planet, and profession.

SPP extends a warm thanks to key partners that make this remarkable day possible from both a content perspective, as well as our Supplier Day, collaborators from day one who provide the fantastic platform on which the exchanges, connections and memories are made. 



WSPD 2024

24 Videos

Session Speakers: Saimoni Veramu – Head of Procurement, Fiji Procurement Office/ Ministry of Finance Mateo Volau – Procurement Specialist, Fiji Procurement Office/ Ministry of Finance Krishan Pratap – Drua Incubator Partnership & Project Coordinator, Fiji Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Division Mélissa de Roquebrune – Executive Director, Sustainable Procurement Pledge


This session will bring together CPOs and thought leaders in APAC to discuss regional challenges and opportunities, priorities and maturity on sustainable procurement. Drawing from their experience, the panelists will share practical insights into what’s important for the region, what key priorities are for CPOs, and how procurement practitioners can take action today, in their own organisations.