world sustainable procurement day

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World Sustainable Procurement Day

On March 21, the procurement world unites at SPP’s milestone annual event; World Sustainable Procurement Day (WSPD). The day celebrates and shares the progress and learnings from the past 12 months and aims to empower and equip more and more procurement professionals from all over the world in their journey toward integrating sustainable sourcing practices into decision-making.

In a series of 24 sessions spanning over 24 hours, participants have the opportunity to engage with presenters and experts on various topics related to people, planet, and profession.

March 21

Embark on a 24-hour FREE journey on sustainable procurement through the spring equinox on March 21, with a multiple online session across all continents.


Drive change by joining THE event for procurement professionals initiated by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge team, chapters, champions, supporters and friends.


Get empowered and equipped with knowledge, best practice approaches and practical solutions to sustainability challenges that procurement needs to tackle NOW.

WSPD is brought to you by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, thanks to the amazing support of the SupplierDay Team. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MAKE WSPD 2024 a true success for the global community of procurement professionals.

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