World Sustainable Procurement Day 2024

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Diverse Perspectives and Cutting-Edge Insights on COP28 & Beyond:

On November 29, the dawn of COP28, our final SPP Ambassador Meeting of 2023 was held with an impressive lineup of speakers and a variety of topics designed, as always, to bring the latest updates on crucial aspects of sustainable procurement to our growing global community. Here you can find all the highlights, links and downloads. SPP extends warm thanks to all speakers! Be sure to stay up to date on all our future Global Ambassador and SPP Chapter meetings by joining the community and registering your interests here, and regularly check our events page.

Names & Links

1. Mat Langley & Claudia Stijlen – An update from the SPP Scope 3 Chapter:
The SPP Scope 3 Chapter Co-Chairs gave an update on all Chapter activities throughout 2023, all recordings can be found on the Scope 3 playlist, and highlighted plans on what is to come in 2024, including virtual walk-in ‘connect & chat sessions’. You can join the LinkedIn group here.
(Presentation for download below)

2. Stephanie Bertels – The Procurement Wheel:
The founder of the Embedding Project, Stephanie Bertels, introduced the Procurement Wheel. This fantastic tool gives a procurement lens on how and where in the procurement cycle to weave sustainability into procurement practices, providing a framework for businesses to navigate the complex landscape of sustainable sourcing. (Presentation for download below)

2. Emma Scott (MCIPS) – CIPS’ Position on COP:
Emma Scott, representing the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), discussed the institute’s stance on COP (Conference of the Parties) and highlighted their Call to Action: ‘Don’t wait – take action now’. She shared ‘7 ways you can make a difference’, emphasizing the importance of collective action. ‘Collaborate, Collaborate & collaborate some more’!

3. Jenny Ahlen – We Mean Business Coalition:
Jenny Ahlen, the Managing Director of the We Mean Business Coalition, explained what the collective is all about and gave a helpful high-level view on why COP is important in providing the opportunity for policymakers to find common ground on climate change initiatives that the world desperately needs. She highlighted the huge role that procurement can play in accelerating change to support the climate transition with inclusivity, equity & justice in mind.

4. Katherine Dixon – Corporate Climate Stocktake:
Katherine Dixon from Bain & Company delved into the Corporate Climate Stocktake, offering a comprehensive overview of corporate efforts to address climate-related challenges. Her presentation highlighted the role of procurement in driving climate-conscious business strategies.

5. Richard Harradine – Mapping Suppliers Progress on Scope 3:
Richard Harradine presented on stakeholder engagement and shared a compelling case study which Klöckner Pentaplast have contributed to THE GUIDE titled ‘Mapping Suppliers’ Progress on Scope 3’. The session explored effective strategies for understanding and improving the environmental impact of the supply chain. (Presentation for download below)

6. Tom Newbigging – Business Contribution to Nature:
Tom Newbigging provided insights into the business contribution to nature and shared GSK’s recent report. His presentation emphasized the significance of integrating nature-positive practices into corporate strategies, highlighting the role of procurement in fostering biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

7. Louise Herring – Progress in FMCGs’ Just Transition:
Louise Herring, Executive Director at AIM-Progress, shared the progress made by Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in the just transition. Her presentation reflected on the industry’s advancements and challenges in ensuring a fair and equitable transition to sustainable practices. (Presentation for download below)
Additional helpful links from the session:
Home – SME Climate Hub
Business Playbook – Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Supplier Engagement Guide – Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Homepage | GHG Protocol

For those who missed the event a recording is available on the SPP YouTube Channel, we encourage you to register to not miss future enlightening discussions and presentations. The commitment to sustainable practices and collaborative efforts highlighted in this, and all SPP meetings sets a positive tone for the future of global procurement. We would love you to join us!

Videos from the event