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The Sustainable Procurement Pledge

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge

The world is facing tremendous environmental and social challenges where we in Procurement have a critical role to contribute, to steer and to develop responsible supply chains.

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge addresses all procurement professionals, academics and students who want to become a SPP Ambassador and drive a Responsible Procurement agenda through personal engagement. 

By personally committing yourself to the statements below, you pledge to foster a common understanding of responsible, inclusive and cooperative Procurement behavior while including them in your day-to-day business conduct.

Standing up for people and our planet.

I fully understand the criticality of climate change and the need for me to become active. I pledge to do my best to stop exploitation of nature and human beings, environmental pollution, rising inequality and injustice. I will act against modern slavery, human trafficking, child labor, corruption and bribery while upholding business ethics and law-abiding behavior.

Together we will change the world.

I am convinced that all of us involved in Procurement can make a difference by joining forces to accelerate the creation of a just and low-carbon emissions world by contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I will team up with my Procurement colleagues, my Procurement networks, academics, NGOs and government bodies to exchange on and advance responsible business behavior.

Starting with myself.

I commit myself to lead by example and include sustainability as part of my overall mindful vision and values. I will integrate sustainability aspects into my every-day Procurement decision-making criteria and work with my colleagues and suppliers to drive lasting improvements.

Sharing my knowledge and listening to others.

I will actively share my sustainability knowledge while keeping confidentiality obligations and antitrust rules in mind and always collaborate with all involved stakeholders on our shared mission. I will remain open to the advice and proposals of my peers.

Leaving the right legacy.

I pledge to raise concerns in case of inappropriate business behavior or when I observe unsustainable practices. I fully respect the principles of the UN Global Compact and other international standards and agreements. I am determined to ensure that Procurement leaves the legacy of protecting a sustainable planet for us and future generations.

Drive Change. Pledge Now.

I commit myself to the Sustainable Procurement Pledge and want to become a SPP Ambassador.

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