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The Ugly Truths & Key Success Factors

of Sustainable Procurement

The Guide is SPP’s first-ever practical tool, which includes the ugly truths, best practice examples, case studies, and hands-on, actionable solutions for procurement professionals who are committed to make a positive impact on sustainability in global supply chains. It is collaboratively co-developed with the Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and Transformation experts from companies who form the SPP League of Champions. Real-world examples and success stories are shared, which allows others in similar situations to learn what has worked well, enabling them to replicate those successes in their own companies and industries.




Download & read THE GUIDE. Share it with colleagues and friends.



Come together with your teams and partners, or join one of the SPP Chapters to discuss what you found most helpful and what you would like to see more of.



Let us know what parts were useful and what you feel could add additional help. Use this short form to provide feedback



Take an active role and submit a case study. Either submit via this form or get in touch with a relevant SPP Chapter. 


A support resource & sense-check tool for procurement professionals around the world who want to more easily embed a sustainability mindset into day-to-day decisions and ways of working. While not always easy, creating a more sustainable future is exciting. People, the planet, and business success itself depend on it.

The Guide embraces community learning and intends to provide:

  1. A reality check of the ‘ugly truths’ that procurement leaders face as a challenge in their journey to embed sustainability across their organizations 
  2. n energizing review of the key success factors that are critical to making real progress and lasting change in procurement practices  
  3. The practical, real stories from those overcoming these ugly truths, and delivering and proving successes

The SPP Guide, as with all SPP activities, is created for Procurement, by Procurement. The first phase was initiated with the individuals of our Champions Program and Transformation Panel and continued by SPP Chapters. The Guide will continue to expand with contributions from our wider Ambassador community across the globe. 


Any Procurement or Sustainability professionals willing to share valuable learnings. If you or your team have benefitted from a new practice or experience that has helped develop your understanding and implementation of sustainability in supply chains – this is sure to be of help to others and belongs in The Guide.


The Guide will evolve as sustainable procurement progresses. It intends to crowd-source case studies from procurement professionals everywhere, to help each of us collectively navigate, understand, and implement best practices. The aim is to make faster and more confident progress, together. To help navigate all the content, tools, and case studies – we aim to grow The Guide into a Knowledge Hub of continuous improvement. 


HERE is submission form that is sent automatically to the central team or you can download a PowerPoint template and email it to us for review and inclusion. (

Take a look at our ‘Get Active’ steps for suggestions. The Guide is available both for online viewing and download on the SPP website in a searchable PDF format. Simply search for a keyword, e.g. ‘diversity’ to navigate. In this earlier stage, please also send us feedback on what you feel is missing or what you would like to hear more about. (

We would love you to forward on the website link to your community. If you are in a company that has a learning platform, we are also happy for you to integrate this in a way that best enables your colleagues to always have access to the most recent version. Feel free to put the responsible person in your team in direct contact with us. 

On going basis (next planned revision is March 2024). Visit the website to see the latest version. We depend on the community to make The Guide thrive, therefore the regularity of updates will depend on the SPP community being active. 

We welcome volunteers! If you are a fan of this initiative and wider SPP activities and would like to volunteer a few hours per month, we would be happy to hear from you. For The Guide specifically, we are looking for people to join the review & expansion team. Write to us at

The Guide will continue to be a common theme for discussion in many of our Global Ambassador and Chapter meetings. Look out for events on our dedicated page and also regularly visit the dedicated website page to see the latest support tool kits.