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Campaign From Pledge to Action

From Pledge to Action

Spread the news about your Pledge &
drive engagement in your network

Our vision is that supply chains across the world have embedded sustainable procurement practices by 2030.

We are grateful that you, as a SPP Ambassador, want to support and accelerate this through your personal commitment to responsible, inclusive and sustainable procurement behaviour and ways of working.

Now we invite you – no, we even challenge you – to show your community that you lead by example by expanding your engagement within your network and your procurement community.

See how you can take immediate action to drive engagement in your network

Invite your LinkedIn contacts to join our listed group

  1. Go to your profile => network => groups => Sustainable Procurement Ambassadors
  2. Click the button “Invite connections”

Remark: If you are not a member of our closed Sustainable Procurement Ambassadors Group join here.

Add the SPP badge to your LinkedIn Profile


1. Click on SPP badge and download it.
2. Open your LinkedIn Profile pic and insert it on an empty ppt page or use our “download ppt”
3. Place the SPP badge according to our example
4. Mark your picture and badge, then right click while both elements are marked, and save it as a picture.
5. Upload your picture to LinkedIn

Add "The Sustainable Procurement Pledge" to your LinkedIn CV

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile => experiences => click (+) 
  2. Fill in the data:
    • Title: SPP Ambassador
    • Employment type: Freelance *
    • Company: The Sustainable Procurement Pledge
    • Location: Your location

NB: Within LinkedIn non-profit initiatives like SPP are registered as a company. Therefore all members of an initiative are employees.

AND invite your contacts to pledge
on by sending emails, writing letters, texting, talking ....

We have drafted a text for you. You can copy it or send it with your SPP Ambassadors Account



The world is facing tremendous environmental and social challenges where all procurement experts have a critical role to contribute to, steer and develop responsible supply chains. 

I invite you to join more than 3100 procurement professionals, academics and students in over 85 countries, who want to build a sustainable future for people and our planet (SPP Mission). 

By signing the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) you commit to driving a responsible procurement agenda in your own role and work to help ensure that all supply chains across the world have embedded sustainable procurement practices by 2030 (SPP Vision).

Furthermore, you will receive full access to our SPP Ambassador community platform to learn from your peers, get ideas and understand what does and doesn’t work so you can implement sustainable practices at your business.

  • Challenges: At regular intervals, we publish selected articles and interviews on how sustainability can be promoted and anchored in the procurement practices of your company.

  • Networking: Meet SPP ambassadors from around the world, build relationships and discuss and share learnings with them.

  • SPP Ambassadors Meetings: At regular intervals we will meet virtually and discuss certain topics live and you’ll have a chance to meet and ask questions of sustainable procurement experts.

Let´s drive change together

Go to => choose “Send Invitation” in your personal menu and add the mail and name