New SPP Champion April 2024

Industry Giants Pfizer, BAE, SAP, GEP, S&P Global, Haleon, DP World Rally Behind Sustainable Procurement Pledge, Empowering Global Transformation

On the back of the third annual World Sustainable Procurement Day, a day meant to empower procurement professionals to come together and collaborate for the good of People and Planet we mark today an extraordinary leap forward as industry leaders Pfizer, BAE, SAP Ferrero, GEP, S&P Global, HALEON, Takeda, DP World step forward to join the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP), joining the prestigious ranks of the already impressive group which makes up the Sustainable Procurement Pledge Champions Program. Not only are the Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) of these companies personally committing to sustainable procurement practices by getting actively involved but these companies are also contributing to the global movement as donors.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. The clock is ticking, and the urgency for action has never been greater. With every passing moment, we edge closer to 2030, the deadline for our ambitious goal of uniting one million procurement professionals in championing sustainability.

“I’m exhilarated by the exponential growth of the SPP community since we embarked on this journey in 2019. It’s a testament to the unwavering dedication of passionate individuals and companies rallying behind our vision. Yet, as we hurtle towards 2030, the need for rapid action intensifies. Let’s shatter barriers and drive change at breakneck speed. Together, we can make sustainable procurement a reality for generations to come.” – Bertrand Conquéret, SPP Co-Founder.

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge beckons companies of all sizes and sectors to embrace sustainability as a fundamental tenet of their operations. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to sculpt a sustainable future that transcends borders and spans generations.

“We’re elated to welcome our newest Champions! The generous contributions these companies are making empower us to accelerate our mission, empowering procurement professionals worldwide to integrate sustainability seamlessly into their work. We are building a safe space, for procurement, by procurement.” – Mélissa de Roquebrune, SPP Executive Director.

The SPP League of Champions embodies radical collaboration, uniting industry giants to craft actionable solutions for sustainable procurement. Our mission knows no bounds, as we empower procurement professionals worldwide on their journey towards responsible sourcing, effecting meaningful global change.

The CPOs as participants of the SPP League of Champions, and a member of their team as part of the Transformational Panel, convene regularly to exchange insights, address shared challenges and discuss best practice solutions to be shared with the whole SPP global community as seen with “THE GUIDE”, fostering transparency and advancing sustainable procurement practices on a global scale.

Join us in this historic endeavor! The clock is ticking, and the time for action is now. Together, let’s pave the way to a sustainable future through unprecedented cooperation and unwavering commitment.

“With SEVEN new members joining our esteemed League of Champions, the SPP movement continues its exponential growth. Together with our dedicated SPP Ambassadors, we wield a formidable force for change, shaping the future of sustainable procurement across global supply chains.”

The journey towards sustainable procurement is not a solitary one; it’s a collective endeavor that demands our collective action. Let’s seize this moment and forge ahead with optimism, knowing that together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

A few words from our League of Champions companies, and our CPO Champions:

“With AI, we can now effectively track, measure, report, and accelerate the reduction of global supply chains’ environmental footprint and mitigate the worst of global warming. I’m delighted to participate in the SPP community providing tangible insights and tools, to advance sustainability,” Neha Shah, president & Co-Founder, GEP

“The Supply Chain Sustainability journey is a marathon, not a sprint. At BAE Systems we are at the start of our journey to decarbonize our supply chain – in partnership with our suppliers and our industry peers, we are committed to making consistent and measured progress with support from the SPP community.” BAE Systems

“Pfizer has been committed to environmental sustainability for over twenty years.  This commitment includes decarbonizing our value chain, which will require fresh and innovative ways of partnering with suppliers. Partnering with Sustainable Procurement Pledge as a SPP Champion provides Pfizer access to enhanced collaboration with industry-leading organizations to drive best-in-class solutions.” Sirsij Peshin, Pfizer CPO

“At Haleon we recognise that driving the systems-level change needed for decarbonisation will be a group effort. We want to work with suppliers that recognise their carbon impact and align with us on actions to make progress toward our commitment to sustainability. Having a responsible and resilient supply chain is an important part of our wider strategy, so we’re delighted to be joining SPP as part of our journey toward reducing our impact.” Richard Crane, Haleon CPO

“SAP is excited to add the Sustainable Procurement Pledge to our partnership ecosystem, dedicated to building resilient, sustainable supply chains. With more than $5.3T in annual commerce transactions on the SAP Business Network alone, we hope communities like SPP will accelerate the movement, shifting spend to suppliers that prioritize people and planet.” – Alexandra van der Ploeg, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP

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