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Trase's freely available online tools and actionable insights improve supply chain transparency.

Trase is a data-driven transparency initiative. Its free, open access online platform revolutionises supply chain transparency for key globally-traded agricultural commodities such as soy, palm oil, beef and timber. At the forefront of a data-driven revolution in supply chain sustainability, Trase draws on vast sets of customs, shipping, tax, logistics and other data, for the first time uncovering the flows of globally-traded commodities. It connects consumer markets and traders with places of production, as well as the patterns of ownership and investment in trading companies.

Agricultural expansion for the production of key commodities drives the clearance of land, destroying irreplaceable habitats and causing biodiversity losses, negatively impacting the rights and livelihoods of local communities and exacerbating climate change. By showing how commodity exports are linked to environmental and social impacts in the places where they are produced, Trase allows companies, financial institutions, governments and others to understand the risks and identify opportunities for more sustainable production.

Trase is widely recognised by market, government and civil society leaders as a unique and powerful source of information and intelligence.

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Specific topics
supply chains; global trade; agricultural commodities; land use change; biodiversity loss; climate change; GHGs; human rights
Specific industries
Automotives, Financial & Banking Services, CSO & NGO, Farming & Fishing, Food & Beverage, Forestry & Paper, Government Agencies, Healthcare Equipment & Services, Leisure & Sport, Logistics & Transportation, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Retail, Textiles & Fashion
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