STAR Index – Supply Chain Mapping & ESG Reporting Platform


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STAR Index – Supply Chain Mapping & ESG Reporting Platform

STAR Index is your one stop solution to manage and deliver a more sustainable and lower risk supply chain. The platform enables you to gather key data and insight on complex global supply chains using pre-loaded templates, to report on current and future state scenarios, enabling you to plan and defend your commitments. Visualising these commitments through our easy to navigate user interface, you can customise thresholds and RAG ratings, putting you firmly in control.

Management of Supply Chain Risk through STAR Index delivers actionable insight across the wider risks within your supply chains, with an overview of representation, policies, activity and engagement across Sustainable, Technical, Assets & Environment, and Responsible Sourcing. Delivered by the QADEX Group, with our proven track record in complex supply chain risk management, our intuitive, secure and supported platform engages your business and supply chain partners to deliver demonstrable improvements, therefore allowing you to map, manage and mitigate risks across any sector.

STAR Index is a powerful software platform to help any business in any sector to map, manage and mitigate risks across the ESG spectrum. STAR covers all aspects of compliance, behavior, engagement and status across Sustainability, Technical Compliance, Transparency, Assets and Environment, and Responsible Sourcing.

Powered by dashboards, analytics, mapping tools and the ability to capture granular data such as modern slavery compliance, Co2 Scope 3 emissions, welfare, packaging and more, our platform delivers a cockpit view of your ESG performance, supported by our in-house team of experts and deployment specialists, and complemented by our external team of ESG consultants.

We map and track ethical and responsible sourcing status for some of our clients across Food & Drink, as they get frustrated by the technology and gaps in data. We map on their behalf certification and membership status, social audits and NC's that derive from them, but also the wider elements outside of compliance such as modern slavery, training, capacity building and more. We also have a collaborative supply chain mapping tool to granular map raw materials and track certification and data.

The platform has been built on QADEX technologies, with blue chip clients across Food & Bev, managing risk for the likes of Harrods, Booths and Metcash in retail, work with Tesco over the last decade, and a wide span across foodservice with clients such as WSH Group, Gousto, Nandos, itsu, and more.

More recently the platform is now being deployed across non-food sectors and clients in automotive, packaging, textiles and more.

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Energy, Grains & Oilseeds, Livestock & Meats, Industrial Metals, Agriculture Softs, Other
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Aerospace & Aviation, Automotives, Financial & Banking Services, Chemicals, Construction & Materials, Farming & Fishing, Food & Beverage, Forestry & Paper, Gas, Water & Utilities, Government Agencies, Healthcare Equipment & Services, Industrial Goods & Services, Industrial Metals & Mining, Leisure & Sport, Logistics & Transportation, Oil, Gas & Energy, Other, Personal & Household Goods
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