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Requis is a supply chain and procurement platform that enables buyers and suppliers to complete procurement activities collaboratively . Requis is at the center of operation and procurement activities allowing to inject sustainability directly into the way the teams work/

Requis is the online business ecosystem that connects equipment vendors, enterprises and surplus buyers into one efficient network.

With a single solution you can securely buy, manage, and sell your assets. Comprehensive analytics allow you to gain the visibility into your supply chain that you’ve been looking for.
Requis was designed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals.
Unlike enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,

Requis follows logical supply chain workflows and allows supply chain professionals to work more efficiently.

Sustainability is injected in Requis at the procurement level through supplier sustainability performances, aligning sustainability goals during execution of capital projects in Requis and allowing to offset emissions directly in Requis.

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Chemicals, Gas, Water & Utilities, Oil, Gas & Energy
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flat rate pricing, freemium, fixed per year
Worley, BP, Shell

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