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By taking ethical and environmental responsibility in supply chain management – You can make a change! Many of the problems we are facing globally today originate from poor supply chain management, as dark supply chains hide modern slavery, pollution, corruption, unsafe production and products not meeting safety standards. Orixe was created to give businesses the strength to act responsibly, and give purchasers the opportunity to demand traceability within the supply chain,”

Orixe is a company devoted to creating trust between suppliers and buyers. They seek to help create better and safer supply chains for companies and organisations operating in international value chains. By providing traceability, and ensuring the authenticity of products and integrity of certificates, they’ve created a system that is easy, efficient, and economically attractive, which will help shape a new industry standard within quality assurance and supply chain management.

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Supply Chain Sustainability, Supply Chain Traceabiity, Transaction Data security
Specific commodities
Energy, Grains & Oilseeds, Livestock & Meats, Industrial Metals, Agriculture Softs, Other
Specific industries
Aerospace & Aviation, Automotives, Chemicals, Construction & Materials, Food & Beverage, Gas, Water & Utilities, Industrial Goods & Services, Industrial Metals & Mining, Logistics & Transportation, Oil, Gas & Energy, Textiles & Fashion
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Gunilla F. Grimsgaard