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ECO-OS is an online ESG accounting solution creating business value through data-driven insights and innovation.

We engage with manufacturers and suppliers, consultancies and certification bodies to dramatically ease tedious data collection and analysis tasks, allowing our clients to focus on exploration, decision making and execution of their ESG goals. ECO-OS uses both internal and external, cloud-based data sources, to deliver unique analytics, benchmarks, stress tests and other actionable insights. Recently, ECO-OS has become the entry point to the circular economy for innovative corporate sustainability programs.

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Specific topics
ESG metrics, decarbonization roadmaps, circularity metrics, Scope 3 accounting, material flow cost analysis
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Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Industrial Goods & Services, Industrial Metals & Mining, Leisure & Sport, Logistics & Transportation, Retail, Textiles & Fashion
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Noam Gressel
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