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Altenex Energy


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Altenex Energy

Altenex Energy, an Edison Energy Company, is a global energy advisory firm that helps large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better navigate the choices, opportunities, and risks that will emerge from the transition to a net-zero future. As stakeholder expectations around corporate sustainability increase, Altenex helps companies rise to this challenge by designing and implementing individualized strategies, projects, and programs across sustainability, renewables, energy optimization, and energy supply. Altenex enables organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial, and sustainability goals by addressing today’s key energy challenges: carbon, cost, complexity, and creating energy equity across communities.

Renewables Advisory​: Going beyond energy strategy and procurement. We identify and structure unique projects to help meet your goals, managing risk to deploy renewables across complex portfolios.
- Strategy and Goal Setting​
- Physical and Virtual PPA Procurement and Ownership​
- Energy Attribute Certificate and Carbon Offset Management ​
- Natural Gas/Hydrogen Purchasing Agreements​
- Reporting and Communications​
- Supply Chain Support & Program Development

Sustainability Advisory​: Understanding risk, reducing costs, and developing your goals for the future. Applying our depth of expertise to data and analytics, we help you design the most optimal energy portfolio, balancing short and long-term risks to deliver on your desired outcomes. Achieving your sustainability goals.
- Carbon Neutrality​
- Custom Analytics​
- Integrated Sustainability Strategy & Reporting​
- Strategic Planning and Goal Setting​
- Risk Management​
- International standards and certifications

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