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Through a holistic approach, we merge expertise in corporate mobilities, behavioral and data sciences to help organizations to lessen employees’ mobility/travel behavior impact on TCO and environmental foot print . As a result, we create or enhance #travel, #fleet and #commuting sustainable policies focusing on the 3Ps

-Data modeling of employee’s journey and creation of modal shift scenarios. Assessment of the economic, human and environmental impacts for each scenario
-Segment employee’s travel behavior and assess their appetencies and the conditions of modal shifts or substitutes
-Define achievable objectives and quantify the levers to be deployed (acceptability, cost, ease of implementation, impact) by employee category
-Design action plan to engage employee in change and acceptance (nudge/gamification)

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Specific topics
Our service is focussing on corporate mobility policies ( fleet, travel and commuting)
Specific commodities
Energy, Grains & Oilseeds, Livestock & Meats, Industrial Metals, Agriculture Softs, Other
Specific industries
Aerospace & Aviation, Automotives, Financial & Banking Services, Chemicals, Construction & Materials, CSO & NGO, Farming & Fishing, Food & Beverage, Forestry & Paper, Gas, Water & Utilities, Government Agencies, Healthcare Equipment & Services, Industrial Goods & Services, Industrial Metals & Mining, Leisure & Sport, Logistics & Transportation, Media, Communications & Culture, Academia, Oil, Gas & Energy, Other, Personal & Household Goods
Cost range
Mix of consultancy fee and per user

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Yann Barbizet
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