Embedding ESG, the SDGs and social value across public sector travel contracts

  • Embedding ESG, the SDGs and social value across public sector travel contracts

    Posted by Colin on March 10, 2022 at 7:13 pm

    Hello all, hope everyone’s very well in these testing times.

    If you’re shortly to conduct a contract/PSL review of your travel suppliers under RM6217 Joint Schedule 5 Corporate Social Responsibility or international equivalent then we’d like to talk to you about how your supplier or TMC is evidencing a) neutralising in required anticipation of inequality across protected characteristics including physical mobility in realtime on the lounger terraces and actively driving discrimination out of the domain for the avoidance of doubt and b) putting UV warnings closer to the associated risk for greater awareness and early intervention against systemic overspends on skincancer treatment and driving societal cost avoidance for the consequential patient in our (public) healthcare systems at their most vulnerable.

    Many travel operators with whom we’ve spoken to date unfortunately don’t recognise the dimension of time when it comes to on-premise accessibility and equality in anticipation (only place) – and the impact of technology, digital transformation and realtime data on compliance…certification may not be enough defence in the event of any claim. Additionally when it comes to duty of care and tort, some (ATOL-licensed) tour operators put a UV warning on their sales website when the risk is on a sunlounger, against global systemic overspends on skin cancer treatment, putting care of the consequential patient at risk by opportunity cost.

    Hopefully we don’t need a test case in order to understand the exposure given the evidence available and we’re unsighted on existing total claim value and volume inflating each day with aggravating factors and the resulting impact on such OPEX as public liability premiums and other financing costs as we all gravitate towards green and (positive not negative) impact investment. We filed IP in 2017.

    We’re very fortunate to be a current participant in the current NatWest Group (member of the UNEP Finance Initiative) entrepreneur Accelerator program and we’re also listed on several portals including this one at https://spp.earth/directory/general/lounger-logger-ensuring-a-fairer-sunbathe/

    Perhaps this forum can also help accelerate adoption of tech4good and drive multi-stakeholder step change performance improvement across the triple bottom line by embedding ESG, the SDGs and social value in public sector travel contracts (too)…let’s see.

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