Human Rights


This chapter aims to support procurement professionals who might not have a legal background on the intergovernmental organisations affecting human rights in the supply chain (such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights) or the OECD’s framework for Responsible Business Conduct) in order to understand and apply international labour standards while sharing best practices between multinational organisations. Guest speakers from such organisations or experts on the subject matter are invited to our regular events to give interactive talks in order to inform and educate SPP Ambassadors.

Secondly, the chapter provides a safe space based on Chatham House Rules for SPP Ambassadors to share their challenges, experiences, and success stories related to human rights and fair labor practices.

The chapter acknowledges the varying impact of these topics based on industry and geographical location, and thus seeks input on members’ top areas of interest and their relevance to procurement work. Special emphasis will be laid on experiences on how to bring these topics within cross functions to enable meaningful execution. 

Chapter Strategy & Objectives:

  1. Increasing the awareness and understanding of procurement professionals of human rights legislation & frameworks for business
  2. Supporting procurement professionals to open up about the challenges they face embedding human rights in their roles and businesses
  3. Providing a safe space to explore best practice, success stories and innovation for embedding human rights in procurement
  4. Building relationships with senior procurement leaders to further the Human Rights chapters works in 2025


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Chapter Co-Chairs

Bora Yucel

Human Rights Chapter

Victoria Folbigg

Human Rights Chapter

Team members

Louise Herring (Executive Director) and the great AIM-Progress team add deep human rights expertise to our chapter activities.


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