We support and encourage sustainable procurement practices in Danish companies and institutions by creating a space for mutual learning, inspiration and collaboration.In the Danish chapter we aim to connect our members with other influential individuals and organizations that are passionate about sustainability. As we collectively gain insights into the complexities of sustainable supply chain management, policy development, stakeholder engagement, and more, we are all broadening our skill set and enhancing our understanding of the challenges and options ahead of us. This network aims to continue to provide valuable insights, collaborations, and even partnerships that can accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and create a wider impact.


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Chapter Co-Chairs

Fleur Heineke

Demark Chapter
René Wienmann

René Wienmann

Demark Chapter

Team members

Mihaela Tapu, Event Co-Lead –
Ida Lund, Event Co-Lead –
Dina Holm, Communications Co-Lead –
Nan Fijn van Draat, Communications Co-Lead –
Katrin Eickers, Ambassador Lead


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