The SPP Canada Chapter is established as a collaborative platform for individuals and organizations to enhance their understanding and implementation of sustainable procurement practices. Its primary aim is to foster a learning environment and facilitate the sharing of sustainability best practices relevant for Canadian procurement operations and regulatory context.

Chapter Vision:
The SPP Canada Chapter seeks to be a key driver in the transition of Canadian businesses towards sustainable procurement and supply chains. We aim to create a platform for exchanging best practices and knowledge sharing, inspiring and highlighting practical solutions from and for practitioners fostering impactful sustainable practices across industries in Canada.

Chapter Strategy & Objectives:

  1. Learning and Collaboration:
    Our focus is on creating an informative and safe environment for members to learn about sustainability and exchange best practices.
  2. Relevance for Canadian Businesses:
    We aim to address global sustainability challenges, with a focus on their relevance and solutions specific to the Canadian market and regulatory landscape.
  3. Deep Dives into Specific Sustainability Topics:
    Our strategy includes organizing both virtual and in-person events that delve into pertinent topics and challenges in Canadian procurement operations, facilitating the sharing of lessons learned, knowledge, tools, and resources to support the integration of sustainable procurement practices.
  4. Showcasing Sustainability Leadership:
    We plan to host events featuring companies recognized as sustainability leaders, where they can present their strategies and experiences, sharing insights and lessons from their sustainability initiatives.
  5. Member-Driven Content:
    Our agenda and topics will be shaped by input from chapter members and sponsors, with each session concluding with a segment for member feedback and suggestions for future topics.
  6. Community Engagement:
    We will actively engage with the broader SPP network to exchange best practices and tailor them to meet the specific needs of the Canadian context.
  7. Visibility and Outreach:
    Our goal is to enhance chapter visibility through local networks and digital platforms like LinkedIn, setting specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for follower growth by 2024.


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Chapter Co-Chairs

Carsten Hansen

Canada Chapter

Richard Brattle

Canada Chapter

Team members

If you are interested in supporting the SPP Canada Chapter, please drop a direct message to our Co-Chairs via LinkedIn or send an application of interest via this form


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