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World Sustainable Procurement Day Inspires Action and Best Practices Exchange

24 hours, 24 sessions, 4,944 participants! On March 21, 2023, procurement, supply chain, and sustainability professionals from 120 countries participated in the second edition of the World Sustainable Procurement Day.  

Under the theme #PledgetoChange more than 80 industry leaders and experts shared wisdom and knowledge on sustainable procurement practices.  

Earth, 19. April 2023: The second edition of the World Sustainable Procurement Day (WSPD) continued its initial success of last year and marked its relevance in the calendars of procurement, supply chain, and sustainability practitioners around the world. Under the theme #PledgetoChange, more than 80 industry leaders and experts offered practical advice on how to tackle sustainability challenges in procurement in 24 sessions and 24 hours. “I strongly believe that sustainable procurement practices require collaboration across the value chain and within the procurement profession,” said Francesco Bassoli, Chief Procurement Officer at Amcor. “By prioritizing sustainability, adopting innovative solutions and utilizing technology, procurement professionals will not only be able to create more value for their organizations but also a more sustainable future.”

Attendees heard from experts like Jamie Ganderton of Proxima on the Scope 3 Peer Group’s Maturity Benchmark, Erin Leitheiser and Louise Rehbinder on the SME Climate Hub, and Miguel Cossio of Gartner, who discussed their joint work to explore the Scope 3 tools market and insights from The Sustainable Procurement Pledge’s annual Pulse survey. ” Procurement holds the power to change the way we do business and to drive a global transformation at a large scale,“ emphasized Thomas Udesen, Chief Procurement Officer of Bayer and Co-Founder of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

The event also provided attendees with an opportunity to engage with sustainability leaders and experts from a range of industries, including Amcor, CBRE, Audi, SC Johnson, Together for Sustainability, Arkema, Merck, AstraZeneca, and many more. The 24-hour live discussions covered a broad range of industries and topics, from packaging to travel and hospitality, and from living wages to product carbon footprint. The event also featured dedicated panels on the CPO Perspective in APAC, AMESA, the Americas, and Europe/UK, with procurement leaders from Amcor, SC Johnson, Schneider Electric, Merck, Procurement Leaders, and more.

“The World Sustainable Procurement Day is a catalyst for growing the collective knowledge and global community around sustainable procurement practices. This once-a-year opportunity provides access to invaluable resources for anyone seeking practical advice and guidance on sustainable procurement practices,” explained Bertrand Conquéret, Chief Procurement Officer of Henkel and Co-Founder of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

As in the previous year, the SPP team used the WSPD as an opportunity to launch its annual Sustainable Procurement Pulse Survey in partnership with Gartner. ” “The SPP strives to unite and support the largest community of sustainability-driven procurement professionals worldwide, and we remain dedicated to closing the gaps they report back to us. This is why we encourage the global procurement community to share with us the support they need. By participating in this year’s Sustainable Procurement Pulse Survey, you can help us identify critical topics and to advance and enhance the SPP agenda,” says Mélissa de Roquebrune, Executive Director of the SPP. All procurement professionals are invited to participate in the survey via this link:

All 24 WSPD sessions are now available on demand, providing a valuable resource for those interested in sustainable procurement. Follow the link and gain insights from leading experts in the field.

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