Sustainability: Why do we have to act now? How do the UN Sustainable Development Goals contribute to action?

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report states that climate change is a bigger global threat than weapons of mass destruction. More importantly, it shows how our various social and environmental challenges correlate to many other global problems. Watch this video if you would like to get an introduction into the Global Risks Report. Or click on the Global Risks Interconnections Map, to dive deeper into specific challenges.

The well acknowledged scientific framework of the Planetary Boundaries identifies and quantifies the safe operating space on Earth. Learn more about the concept by listening to Johan Rockström’s speech. If you want dig deeper into that topic, we recommend this scientific report, which explains how the Planetary Boundaries framework can be used to build sustainble businesses.

The United Nations have defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which shall help us to navigate towards a more sustainable world by 2030. Watch this video if you would like to learn about the basics. We highly recommend it because it explains the UN SDGs’ structure and the ideas behind them in a very concise and understandable way. Or click here to learn about each single SDG.

Many companies use already the UN SDGs as a framework to build a sustainable future. Click here to find some interesting industry-specific examples for corporate actions to the SDGs.

Is your organization already using the SDGs? Do you have some inspiring stories for us to share?

(Picture by Noah Buscher, Unplash)

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