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What can I do within my organisation? – Tools, case studies, workshop material and more.

This interactive guide provides introductory videos, case examples, presentations and tools to pitch circular thinking within your organisation.

It also includes a full Action Learning Set Toolkit enabling you to initiate your own circular economy workshops within your organisation. Why using this? – Laura Coppen from the H&M Group said: “Through the Action Learning Set, we were able to congregate likeminded thinkers and doers in our organisation that hadn’t met in any previous forum. We discussed challenges … and came to some new solutions, which we are developing onwards. The ALS format provided by EMF enabled us to have structure to our meetups and fruitful discussions.”

At SPP we say: Impact starts with “I”. We pledged to drive change for a sustainable world. Let’s take this challenge and initiate our own circular economy workshops in our organisations now. Who is in?!

(Picture by Clark Tibbs, Unplash)

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