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Webinar: What’s in it for me? Incentivising Suppliers Around Climate

In this webinar, published by Climate Collaborative, Walmart shares their approach to engaging their supply chain partners around climate mitigation, and the successes and learnings they have gained so far. Among others the following topics are covered:

• How does Walmart approach their suppliers to gain their commitment?
• How are the suppliers incentivised?
• What are the technical tools Walmart provides to enable suppliers to take action?

Arian Grazian, who leads Walmart’s global scope 3 emission reduction project ‘ProjectGigaton’ outlines how they have divided this project into six pillars: Energy, Agriculture, Waste, Packaging, Product Use and Forests. This segmentation makes it easier for suppliers to understand how they can contribute to Walmart’s emission reduction targets, as the segmentation made the project more tangible.

Those suppliers who choose to join the project are asked to sign up, set SMART goals and to report on them. They can do this directly on Walmart’s supplier website. Depending on how active and transparent they are, suppliers are awarded publicly. Also, the Walmart collaborated with HSBC to offer financial incentives to sustainability leaders of their supply chain.

Very interesting is the publicly available Sustainability Hub. The Walmart Sustainability Hub is a destination for Walmart suppliers to access resources and learn about opportunities to collaborate with Walmart, join initiatives or review case studies and best practices to inspire their suppliers to take the next step of your sustainability journey.

Jean Gingras, Sustainability Impact Program Manager at HP outlines how they collaborate with Walmart, as one of their key suppliers, to reduce their own carbon emissions. Jean highlights Walmart’s easy to use carbon emissions calculator, which Walmart provides on their Sustainability Hub for free. It made it really easy for HP to translate their own sustainability projects into carbon emission reduction metrics.

Manuel Gorrin, Sustainability and Stewardship Manager at Nature’s Path Food, another of Walmart’s suppliers shares how they have been inspired Waltmart’s project.

I can highly recommend this webinar as an inspiration for addressing scope 3 emission successfully in a scalable way.

(Picture by Etienne Girardet, Unplash)

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