Transforming Fashion – how can procurement contribute to a more sustainable apparel industry?WSPD 2022

Social and environmental sustainability has become a priority for apparel companies. Stakeholder demands and especially regulatory requirements put them under increasing pressure to create transparency on their supply chains and improve on topics as human rights, working conditions, safety, usage of sustainable materials, circularity, plastics and packaging, ecological footprint and many more.

In this panel discussion experienced practitioners, facilitators, and research experts on sustainability, procurement and supply chains in the apparel and fashion industry will share good practice approaches, address key challenges and lessons learned, as well as perspectives that go beyond the current state of sustainable sourcing practices towards the future. The panel will be moderated by Sonja Westphal, Founder of Sustify.


Nina Shariati – Founder and CEO Donate Hour and Circular Transparency

Monica Sanchez Lopez – Industry Expert – Fashion, Alrubi

Dr. Deniz Koeksal – Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Expert, Researcher/Lecturer/Advisor, Sound of Garments

Sonja Westphal – Managing Director, Sustify

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