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The Do’s Of Promoting Sustainable Procurement Projects

Introducing sustainable procurement programs, processes or projects in an organization can be a true challenge and in most of the cases it is not a home run. Therefore, adding sustainable procurement aspects to traditional value for money considerations like price, quality, availability, functionality where it is not built in to business purposes already, is rather a marathon than a sprint and definitely needs a fair degree of staying power.

In our SPP Challenge No. 2, we take a closer look at the “Do’s And Don’ts Of Promoting Sustainability Projects”. The content discussed in our last virtual SPP Ambassador Check-in meeting on September 1st, gave us a good indication that this was a relevant and potentially helpful topic.  

In this blog post, we consolidate the most helpful lessons learnt from the participants who attended our workshop. We would like to thank the participants for an engaging session! Please don’t forget to continue the discussion in our discussion forum.

DO’s of promoting sustainability projects:

          Research, research, and research! Make sure that what you want is reliable, potentially attainable and that your information is up-to-date!

          Analysis is key! Analyse the work of your peers, get inspired by their tangible objectives and delivered results.

          Stand up for your CAUSE! Identify the challenge, (re)act and stand up for your goal!

          Make sustainability a part of you! Make sustainability an integral part of your day: both at home and at work.

          Embrace sustainability in your company culture! Make it important! Embed the importance of sustainability in company culture.

          Determine the roadmap! Acknowledge your sustainability journey, draw a roadmap, and break it down. Having a bigger picture facilitates decision-making and action-taking.

          Involve and be involved! Be a part of initiatives and engage your employees in the larger movement. Active participation is important, and collaboration is essential!

          Motivate and be motivated! Sustainability and progress can only be achieved with an inspired mind. Be open to new ideas and change!

          Be consistent and enduring! Introducing Sustainability to an organization is a marathon, not a sprint!

          Be transparent and communicate! Communication is key, both internal and external. Make sure you are communicating the WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”) to different teams within the organization.

          Include sustainability in business decisions! Put sustainability requirements up front before a supplier can enter a commercial tender.

          Make impact traceable and measurable! Have metrics in place to measure impact. Use data to steward the value of the impact and validate how sustainability decisions drive progress.

          Measure sustainability performance! Measure the sustainability performance of your supplier via assessments or audits.

          Utilize the power of technology! To add efficiency and traceability to responsible sourcing, technology is vital!

    Collaborate & create partnerships! Engage in dialogues on a partnership level to collectively find innovative solutions. Fruitful collaborations balanced with business needs lead to a greater good and reduced burden on suppliers.

    Make it real! But most importantly… make it real!

(Picture by Clark Tibbs, Unplash)

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