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The Don’ts Of Promoting Sustainable Procurement Projects

The topic of sustainability is a widely recognized one and it has posed innumerable challenges to many companies worldwide. For this reason, promoting sustainable procurement projects is vital, as it leads to a greater good and reduces negative externalities.

In our SPP ChalIenge No. 2, we have a closer look at the “Do’s and Don’ts of promoting sustainability projects”.

In this blog post, we consolidate the good advices and lessons learned which the participants of our last virtual SPP Ambassador Check-in shared among each other. A special thank you to all participants for their great engagement and valuable advice! Please don’t forget to continue the discussion in our discussion forum!

The DON’TS of promoting sustainability projects:

  • DON’T forget to develop a company-wide definition for sustainability.
  • DON’T lay back and let everyone do the work! Be the lead of your own movement and encourage your colleagues to get involved and drive the change.
  • DON’T put profit first! The environment and people should always be prioritised, as they are vital to a well-functioning society.
  • DON’T let overall operational issues work as an excuse to delay sustainability initiatives!
  • DON’T be discouraged! Sustainability is a long and challenging journey but what makes it easier to achieve are motivated, inspired, and united people eager to drive change.
  • DON’T be impatient. Integrating sustainability comes with a lot of challenges; losing focus and motivation will not help achieve pre-defined objectives. 

(Picture by Clark Tibbs, Unplash)

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