The Dawn of System Leadership

This article published by Stanford Social Innovation Review outlines why system thinking is required more than ever to solve the systemic challenges we are confronted with, such as climate change, ecosystems collapse and increasing inequality. The authors Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton and John Kania try to demystify systems thinking and systems leadership. They attempt to give guidance on how to drive change while taking the whole system into account. The article outlines key attributes of a system leader and offers practical tools that might be helpful for someone who wants to drive change. It contains great examples from some of our most prominent system leaders, Nelson Mandela, but it also tells stories about those unknown heroes that contributed to a better world. 

If you are interested in the question how you can drive change within the system or organization you work or live in, then this artice might give a few interesting and inspiring insights. 

(Picture by kalei peek, Unplash)

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