TedTalk: Circular Economy – The solution for the finite resources on our planet

In this TedTalk Ellen MacArthur tells about her journey towards circular economy. – As a child she was inspired by sailing around the world. As an adult she made her dream come true twice. While living on the big oceans of our planet for months, 2000 miles away from any other human, isolated on a tiny boat, she realised how important each single item and material on her boat was. All resources on her boat were finite and therefore extremely valuable while being isolated.

When she came back on land, she couldn’t forget what she had learned on the boat. She couldn’t accept anymore, how humans waste all these valuable resources. Consequently, she became inspired by the idea to learn how we can handle our finite resources on Earth sustainably. She understood that simply using less is no option, because it would only delay the problem of finite resources but not solve it. Also, she adds that it cannot be inspiring to simply doing as little as possible, using as little as possible or traveling as little as possible. She understood that it required a system change – from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Her story is highly inspiring and gives some basic insights about the key principles of the circular economy.

Ellen MacArthur is the founder of the Ellen MacFoundation, which develops and promotes the idea of a circular economy. They work with business, academia and policymakers to mobilise systems solutions at scale globally.

(Picture by NASA, Unplash)

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