Sustainability Trends 2020 – What’s the advice for business?

SustainAbility, an advisory firm that enables businesses to embed sustainable practices, recently published a list of top-10 sustainability trends of which companies need to respond to: climate mitigation, circular solutions, sustainable consumption, supply chain, tech for the SDG’s, amongst others. 

The firm advises businesses to identify the correlation between these challenges to stop several gaps with one bush, e.g. implementing circular economy to reduce emissions and plastic at the same time, or teaming-up to achieve progress on digital technology while raising positive reactions from stakeholders. Click here to find interesting case studies.

What does this imply for procurement and supply chain managers? 

As child labor has not been eradicated, progress on Zero Net Deforestation is slow-moving and the complexity of supply chains is overall, boundless, businesses will have to improve transparency through technology and collaboration with peers, making sure common suppliers are being transparent.
See full article to find out the 2020 forecasts for Supply Chains, the signals to watch for businesses and the full advice for companies to overcome these challenges. 
Source: “What’s for sustainable Business” SustainAbility Trends, 2020.

To find further trending topics around sustainability in supply chains click here.
Source: BSR (Business for Social Responsibility).

What do these trends imply for your function? And for your company? Share your thoughts!

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