Supply Chain Sustainability for SMEs

This practical guide for SME’S outlines in six practical steps how every small and medium sized company can start their supply chain sustainability journey. Even though this guide is focused on the chemical industry, the basic six steps are valid and relevant for any industry.

  1. Identify sustainability topics in supply chains and assess risks
  2. Develop a policy framework
  3. Inform and prioritise suppliers
  4. Assess and monitor suppliers
  5. Support corrective measures and develop suppliers
  6. Measure and report on progress

This guide provides instructions on how to develop a business case for sustainability tailored to your individual organisation and on how to develop and implement a supply chain sustainability strategy in a few very simply steps. Furthermore, if offers various helpful tools that can help you on your way forward.

Click on this link to the full guide.

(Photo by Severin Höin, Unplash)

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