Supply Chain Sustainability through Supplier Engagement: A Practical Guide

This guide, published by the United Nations Global Compact and BSR illustrates how companies can implement the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact throughout their supply chains and integrate sustainability into procurement strategies. In my opinion, it offers very practical advice and refers to a lot of valuable case studies, tools and other resources of various industries.

From page 37 – 50 you can find a highly practical introduction into the whole topic Supplier Engagement. In this chapter they write: “Once companies have identified the scope of their program and priority areas for action, the next step requires engaging with suppliers to address the most severe sustainability issues in the supply chain. The goal of engaging with suppliers is to develop a shared mindset about sustainability issues, to build supplier ownership of their sustainability vision, strategy and performance and to work more closely with suppliers with shared priorities.”

(Picture by Daniil Silantev, Unplash)

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