Supply Chain Sustainability: A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement

Even though there many guides that offer an introduction into supply chain sustainability & responsible sourcing, we’d like to highlight this guide by BSR and Global Compact.

It guides you step by step from:

1) Committ
Develop the business case by understanding the landscape and business drivers (Chapter 2).
Establish a vision and objectives for supply chain sustainability (Chapter 2).
Establish sustainability expectations for the supply chain. (Chapter 3).

2) Assess
Determine the scope of efforts focusing primarily on areas where there is the greatest actual and potential risk of adverse impact on people, environment and governance (Chapter 4).

3) Define and Implement
Communicate expectations and engage with suppliers to improve performance (Chapter 5).
Ensure alignment and follow up internally (Chapter 6).
Enter into collaboration and partnerships (Chapter 7).

4) Measure and Communicate
Track performance against goals and be transparent and report on progress (Chapter 8).

(Picture by Daniil Silantev, Unplash)

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