SPP Sustainable Procurement Pulse Survey 2022 – in partnership with Gartner

Our annual SPP Sustainable Procurement Pledge Pulse Survey 2022 is out, that we conducted for the first time together with GARTNER. A huge thank you to the Gartner team for partnering with us on this. Are you curious to learn about the results? Then please watch this video and/or download the report upon registration.

In 2022, we conducted our SPP Ambassador survey for the third time to assess the state of sustainable procurement today and identify if and how the SPP is supporting Procurement Professionals across the world in closing the gaps that they have been sharing with us in our previous surveys: the knowledge gap, the support gap, the confidence gap, and the leadership gap.

Now, here’s the cliffhanger – whether we are impacting your Sustainable Procurement practices or not, you will be able to reveal by watching this video and/or by downloading the entire report upon registration here. Spoiler alarm – You will be surprised 😃.

Do you want to download the SPP Pulse 2022? 

(Only for registered SPP Ambassadors)

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