The Sustainable Procurement Pledge and League of Champions Launch ‘The Guide’: A Collaborative Practitioners’ Share on the Ugly Truths and Success Factors of Sustainable Procurement

On October 25, 2023, the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP), together with the 
SPP League of Champions, launch The Guide, SPP’s first-ever practical tool, which includes the
ugly truths, best practice examples, case studies, and hands-on, actionable solutions for
procurement professionals who are committed to make a positive impact on sustainability in
global supply chains. The online launch will take place during the SPP Global Ambassador
meeting on October 25 at 16:00 CET.
It was collaboratively co-developed with the Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and
Transformation experts from companies who form the SPP League of Champions. Real-world
examples and success stories are shared, which allows others in similar situations to learn
what has worked well, enabling them to replicate those successes in their own companies and
“We are thrilled to be launching The Guide as a tool that empowers everyone striving toward
sustainable procurement practices,” said Thomas Udesen, Co-Founder of SPP and Bayer CPO.
“Importantly, this first version is just the start of a living breathing knowledge base that offers
experience and advice. We will be reaching out to our community for ongoing input to drive
collective learning,” he added.
Bertrand Conquéret, Co-Founder of SPP and Henkel CPO stated: “We are both proud and
grateful, that all these leading global experts have come together for radical collaboration on
The Guide. The tangible examples and inputs of how to successfully integrate practices into
procurement and supply chains, to accelerate and increase positive impact on people, planet,
and prosperity, is incredibly important to all of us and truly inspiring! Let us continue to stand
up and contribute”, he continued.
The Guide is free and will be made available via the SPP website With this
new resource, anyone looking for guidance on how best to implement sustainable practices
within their procurement processes can now find help with this comprehensive guide created
by leading global corporations with years of experience under their belts.

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