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AstraZeneca, Avantor, BAT, Eaton, NSG Group and Vodafone join the SPP League of Champions to Leverage the Power of Procurement

Earth, September 7, 2023

Today marks a major milestone in the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) mission to unite one million procurement professionals in making more sustainable decisions by 2030. AstraZeneca, Avantor, British American Tobacco (BAT), Eaton, NSG Group and Vodafone have joined the SPP League of Champions in the collective effort to develop and provide actionable, hands-on solutions on sustainable procurement practices that will benefit not only their own organizations but any procurement professional on their individual responsible sourcing journey.

Both the Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) of the 20 SPP Champion organizations and their respective Transformation experts meet on a regular basis to share challenges and best practice solutions, which are made available to the general public after consolidation and processing. The launch of the first publication resulting from this collaborative effort is planned for September 13, 2023, during the first in-person annual meeting of the SPP Champions in Berlin.

“We are more than grateful and happy that these companies have decided to join us in our mission,” said Thomas Udesen, SPP Co-Founder and Bayer CPO. “This is a significant step, and the addition of these new members brings an even greater wealth of experience into this already impressive collective. With the support of the SPP Champions, great progress can be made toward creating a more sustainable society through responsible business practices. We look forward to working with them as part of our mission to empower people in all aspects of life through intelligent procurement decisions,” he continued.

Chris Holmes, Avantor’s SVP of Global Sourcing, stated, “Avantor is pleased to join the SPP League of Champions. We look forward to maturing our Responsible Supplier Program and partnering with other global companies to make a collective impact on sustainable sourcing and to contribute to capacity building across our shared supply chains.”

Vodafone Procurement Company CEO, Ninian Wilson, an advocate for sustainability, believes “It’s essential that businesses work together to make real progress toward achieving a more sustainable future,” and “By joining the SPP League of Champions, we’re aiming to lead by example and champion within our Industry when it comes to responsible sourcing practices.”

“I am delighted for BAT to be part of a collaboration that brings together a group of exceptional firms committed to positively impacting people and the planet. As SPP Champions, we will drive innovation, inspire change, and create a better tomorrow for all. We are honored to be a part of this esteemed league and excited for the incredible possibilities that lie ahead,” highlighted Carel Aucamp, BAT CPO, regarding the collective effort and positive transformation across industries.

NSG CPO, John Wilgar, echoed this sentiment: “Sustainability isn’t something we can achieve alone – it requires collective efforts from all players involved across and beyond specific value chains,” he said. “By joining this group of like-minded companies, we are taking an important step forward in driving change from within our own organizations as well as across industries.”

“We care about making the world a better place for everyone, and that includes creating a sustainable and ethically managed supply chain,” said Eaton Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer Rogerio Branco. “Relationships like these are crucial in accelerating our work in this space. We’re excited to work with other companies that are also committed to creating a positive impact in the world.”

With these new members joining the already established SPP Champions Program the commitment to and engagement in the SPP movement continues to grow exponentially. SPP extends continued thanks to all donors. Together with the more than 12,000 committed SPP Ambassadors, the SPP Champions and their respective procurement organizations represent a powerful force for change that will help shape the way forward for sustainable procurement practices across supply chains worldwide.

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