Leadership for Sustainability – Part II: The Future We Want, The Leaders We need

What does leadership for sustainability mean? What kind of leadership do we need for the future we want?

I am a procurement professional without any management responsibility. However, one and half years ago I understood with which incredible challenges we are confronted. Not knowing how, I dedicated myself to contribute to change.

Since then, many things happened. Now, I’m working on a global project for my organization, evaluating how we could most effectively and efficiently integrate sustainability into our procurement practices. In order to develop the best strategy I am studying in Cambridge. Last but not least, I was given the chance to become a member of the SPP’s steering team and I took it. So, somehow I actually started to lead for a more sustainable future and to contribute to change.

However, before this journey started to evolve, I never saw myself as a leader. I do not fulfill the typical stereotypes. But, this article changed my perspective on what a leader might have to be like in order to shape the future we want.

In this article they write:

“The systemic pressures the world faces today mean that leadership simply cannot be the preserve of a ‘heroic’ few. Delivering the future we want will require organisations to cultivate leadership at all levels, and to embrace diverse and complementary strengths and approaches. No individual leader will possess all desirable capabilities. Instead, the focus should be on developing collective leadership capacity, with individuals supported and inspired to deliver against their potential, and to contribute effectively within their personal strengths and role.”

This key-message corresponds to the SPP’s perspective on leadership and it encourages all of us to take action.

So, DON’T underestimate your potential and DO believe that your behaviour is significant and relevant for our common future.

(Picture by Natalie Pedigo, Unplash)

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