Introductory Podcasts about Circular Procurement & Circular Economy

Too busy to read all our articles? – Lean back, have a coffee and simply listen to these podcasts.

Episode 6 of The Procurement Podcast by Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju gives some insights about what circular economy is, how it relates to procurement, why it is an opportunity to generate savings while still delivering the same value for the company. Furthermore, it gives a few insights about how to integrate circular thinking into the tender and contracting process. Finally, it highlights the importance of collaboration and of innovation. Defenitely worth to listen.

This Circular Economy Podcast by Catherine Weetman provides the basics and offer many case studies and deep dives into this complex and broad topic. It is not focused on procurement and therefore more interesting for those who simply would like to dig deeper into this fascinating topic which might be able to not only solve our resource problems but also climate change.

(Picture by Juja Han, Unplash)

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