Introductions to Circular Procurement

This short video explains what circular procurement is about and why it has the potential to generate value for your organisation, your suppliers and the environment.

Furthermore, this article offers a few more, basic insights about:

  1. How to develop circular procurement processes
  2. How to find solutions at all levels of circular procurement: technical, organisational, and financial
  3. The strategic relevance of circular procurement

Finally, I’d like to highlight this 8 steps plan for enhancing circularity within your procurement organisation. There is also a more extensive and comprehensive version of this 8 steps plan. However, this one is rather suited for those who really want to dive deep into this topic. The 8 steps are:

Step 1 Circular Procurement: Why and What?
Step 2 Internal Organisation and Alignment
Step 3 Formulating your Question
Step 4 Collaboration
Step 5 Tendering Procedure
Step 6 Measuring and Assessing Circularity
Step 7 Securing Circularity
Step 8 Managing Circular Contracts

(Picture by Dariusz Sankowski, Unplash)

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