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Introduction Videos & Case Examples about the Circular Economy

This video (4 mins) introduces the core thoughts about the circular economy. This video (4 mins) presents some case studies where companies applied some of the key principles of a circular economy. And this video (2 mins) shows how circular economy is key to tackle climate change.

Here you can find further case studies to read and dive deeper. For example you learn how Solvay helps to unlock a circular value ecosystem for EV batteries. Or how Resortecs has developed dissolvable stitches that improve clothing recycling. Or read the inspring story of British Sugar plc which continuously improved their processes and their use of materials in order to sustain their economic success in the highly competitive sugar market. 3.5 million tonnes of raw material enter their production plant each year, and just 100 tonnes leave for landfill – mainly canteen waste.

(Picture by Severin Höin, Unplash)

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