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How the grassroots and investor perspectives play a pivotal role in addressing Child Labour in the supply chain and the role of procurement. WSPD 2022

Typically, supply chains are understood as a linearly connected set of actors, looking top-down through the supply chain for due diligence activities and requirements, with the origin i.e. mine or farm level at the furthest point of the supply chain. To meaningfully understand, identify and address child labour in the supply chain, a new bottom-up model is required to better understand the key stages of the supply chain, particularly to see origin communities and mines as a critical part of the industry they enable, and to identify opportunities for companies and investors to work together across industries to see better and faster impact where child labour exists.

This session will explore the challenge of child labour in supply chains and what these new models can look like from the perspectives of those working to address it at the grassroots level in Africa and Asia, as well as from investors who are looking to re-frame ESG and due diligence requirements to maximise positive outcomes for children. How can procurement professionals play a key role in accelerating this change?


Quintin Lake – Founder, Director of Fifty Eight  

Dalia Jacob – Social Worker – Child‘s Rights Protection, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation 

Rocky KIRO – M. Sc Mining Engineer, CEO and Co-founder of African geomine and technology services in DRC  

Josephine Carlsson – Secretary to Church Investors Group

Mariana Bwema – Founder of IFEDD

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