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Encouraging Responsible Leadership by Providing Ownership for Clear Targets

Odgers Berndtson interviewed 29 Global Chief Procurement Officers from various process idustries to understand how they incentivise their executives, employees and suppliers to take responsible leadership for sustainability. The authors found that when the organisation sets clear sustainability targets and sustainability becomes a significant part of the company’s purpose then chances are higher that the topic is being integrated deeply into the daily decision-making processes of every employee.

According to the survey the authors conducted, 79,3 % of the interviewed companies link the executives’ salaries to sustainability goals. In regard to incentivising their teams, the interviewed CPOs recommended to create a common sense of ownership over sustainability goals, and to incentivise those who are most successful at integrating sustainability into their work.

This article goes beyond the topic of KPIs, but highlights among others the relevance of targets and KPIs in the context of responsible leadership for a sustainable and successful future. To read the full article click on this link.

Authors: Yan Vermeulen, Head of Global Practice, Chemical & Process Industries, and Lucy Harding, Global Head, Procurement & Supply Chain Practice at Odgers Berndtson

(Picture by Brett Jordan, Unplash)

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