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SPP Forest – Plant a tree and drive change

Environmental protection and fighting climate change are a global and daily challenge. We invite all SPP Ambassadors to join us in planting trees in our SPP #RestoreEarth forest and inviting peers to pledge at SPP: Forest of SPP #RestoreEarth | Tree-Nation – Forest’s trees

Since its induction in 1970 in the United States, the Earth Day has become an annual event on April 22 worldwide, aiming to educate and raise awareness about the ecological problems our planet is facing, and to demonstrate support for environmental protection. On the occasion of the #RestoreEarth Day 2021, the SPP Ambassador community has been starting to populate its own virtual forest which grew until the beginning of July 2021 to 764 trees, compensating more than 200.000 tons of CO2 emissions altogether. 

On Earth Day 2016 the Paris Agreement has been signed and last year, at its 50th anniversary, more than 100 million people observed the Earth Day 2020 event, which is considered the ‘largest online mass mobilization in history’. 

How do we rebuild the world?

The global Covid-19 crisis has not only brought to light our vulnerability but highlighted the connection between climate and health and made it clear that our continued existence depends on the environment. How we treat and to protect it, it depends on us.

This theme  for 2021 was #RestoreEarth which underlines the urgent need to transform our communities, businesses, and societies and embed sustainability as the interface in our decisions and actions. It is a global call to action, to protect the environment and to give back and rebuild our planet.

Impact starts with “I”

Greta Thunberg might be the best example to show that everyone can drive change and create a positive impact. Since its founding in 2019 the Sustainable Procurement Pledge has grown from just a hand full of people at the beginning to a global and continuously growing community of ambassadors that have pledged and personally committed themselves to drive sustainability in procurement and supply chains. Environmental protection obviously is one of the core themes in this area and for SPP. Therefore, we decided to take concrete action to #RestoreEarth and support the Earth Day.

Growing from today: The SPP Forest

Planting trees of course will not solve the global challenge of GHG and carbon emission reduction to reach the 1.5° limit of the Paris Agreement – but it is about acknowledging the challenge and taking an individual concrete action that is possible for everyone, it is also about engaging and motivating others to take part. A single tree does not have much impact, but a forest has and can positively impact local communities. 

Plant your SPP.EARTH tree

As said, one tree will not change the world, therefore we need your support to grow the SPP forest. Join us and plant your SPP tree today.

What you need to do? It’s quite easy:

  • Visit our SPP.EARTH forest, choose and buy your tree (trees cost from 0,50 to 5 EUR)
  • Invite your peers to pledge at SPP and join our LinkedIn group 
  • Spread the word about SPP and our #RestoreEarth Forest on social media – engage and inspire your network!

Let’s drive change and #RestoreEarth together!

The SPP Steering Team

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

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