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Corporate Leadership on Modern Slavery

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

This comprehensive research led by the Director of the organisation FIFTY EIGHT, Quintin Lake, as a fellow at Hult International Business School, together with the Ethical Trading Initiative, uncovered six key messages:

  1. The Modern Slavery Act has been a game-changer
  2. Addressing modern slavery is becoming a business-critical issue – for credibility with customers, investors, NGOs, and the general public
  3. Companies are making significant progress in addressing modern slavery
  4. Companies face numerous barriers, challenges, and dilemmas in addressing modern slavery
  5. Senior leadership engagement is crucial
  6. Collaboration and partnerships are the way forward 

The research focuses on identifying ‘what good looks like’ for companies addressing modern slavery in their supply chains and includes helpful case studies and examples of good practice, for example, on the issue of raising the voice of workers. 

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