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Assess the Sustainability Maturity of your Supply Chain

This report published by BSR offers a very practical supply chain sustainability maturity model which helps you to assess the sustainability level of your supply chain. It helps you to identify gaps and to specifiy potential goals for improving your supply chain sustainability.

After a short introduction of why supply chain sustainability is of value for your business, the report explains the maturity model itself and gives some recommendations about how to use it.

The assessment focuses on the following dimensions of your supply chain or procurement organisation:

Internal dimensions:
Program scope and structure considers the extent to which the company knows its supply chain
and its impacts.
Governance and management assesses the extent to which the company makes consistent and
clearly communicated decisions supported by senior management.

External dimensions:
Supplier engagement considers the extent to which the company’s approach to supplier engagement reflects its vision for positive impact.
Collaboration and Reporting assesses the extent to which the company collaborate to ensure supplier, industry and community changes.

The model is aligned with global frameworks such as ISO 20400:2017, OECD – Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct, and the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI).

In case you prefer to watch the webinar. Here is the link to the webinar that presents the same model.

(Picture by Possessed Photography, Unplash)

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