An Outstanding Case Example for Circular Value Chain Solutions

Jaguar Land Rover found a way to close the loop for their aluminium value chain. This way they improved not only their environmental but also their economic performance. In order to find a way to close the loop, Jaguar Land Rover collaborated with its aluminium supplier, Novelis, the University of Cambridge and other institutions. This inspiring case study, published by the University of Cambridge, contains three transferable key learnings that can be of value for any organisation which aims to improve their circular performance. The University summarises the three key learnings as follows:

1. Material suitability and innovation
There must be high confidence about the across-the-board suitability of the material selected for a closed loop.

2. Establishing a value chain network
Traditional transactional supply chain thinking must be replaced by a value chain approach in which partners work in true collaboration to achieve goals for all parties. It is essential that a thorough communications and engagement plan for each stakeholder is in place.

3. Progressive leadership
Unwavering support and advocacy at a senior level provides confidence and momentum – and a forum to help remove roadblocks

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