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5 Tips for Measuring and Reporting Your Sustainable Procurement Progress

This concise blog published by Reeve Consulting outlines why measuring the progress of your sustainable procurement programme is important, what kind of metrics exist and how to set these up effectively.

Metrics are important because they help to define sustainability within the procurement organisation, they enable the organisation to idenitfy areas for improvement and they create accountability for staff.

The authors differentiate between process and outcome metrics and state that both should be measured. Process indicators are for example: number of bids that included sustainability criteria or number of suppliers audited, etc. Outcome indicators are for instance: How much waste, water or carbon emission have been saved? Or how many people do now have a higher wage or how did the diversity in the supply chain increase?

Furthermore, the authors offer five tips to implement the metrics effectively. What I like most about this article is the graphic which shows how one can break down a long-term vision for a sustainable procurement into specific goals.

To read the five tipps and to see the grafic just follow this link.

(Picture by Miguel A. Amutio, Unplash)

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